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There are a great deal of software application purses already offered. Instances of competitors are Jaxx, Green Address, as well as Bread Purse. So, the Exódus team wish to make another one
The developers of Exódus intended to make an user-friendly purse that could do everything a fundamental cryptocurrency customer would desire it to. This, they hoped, would make the crypto experience simpler for individuals that aren’t utilized to making use of the innovation.
If these beginners have an enjoyable experience utilizing crypto, then they’re more probable to recommend it to their close friends. This is how widespread fostering occurs – that’s obvious from reading user Exódus pocketbook evaluations, too!
Because of this, the Exódus team consisted of an easy-to-read portfolio section to help arrange possessions and examine their value versus different fiat currencies. They also consist of a built-in trading function. This lets customers switch one currency for another. It’s additionally just how the Exódus team make money since the software program itself is complimentary to utilize.

Is Exódus Safe to Make Use Of?

No Exódus pocketbook review would certainly be complete without considering the safety of the software application. Exódus gives you a relatively-safe cryptocurrency pocketbook for everyday use. Considering that it is an on-line pocketbook, it will certainly never be as safe as leaving electronic money in cold store (such as a paper purse).
It additionally does not have some features which make it much less protected than other, extra intricate software application budgets. Prior to we consider these, however, allow’s speak about a few of the safety and security features Exódus does have.
Back-up Attributes
If the gadget that the Exódus Bitcoin budget is kept on (your computer) is lost, taken, or harmed, you can still access your cryptocurrency. Exódus wallet offers its customers two ways of restoring their budgets.
The first is to utilize a conventional 12-word passphrase. This is provided to you when you first make an account. It’s extremely essential that you keep this passphrase safely. Compose it down and place it in a risk-free deposit box. If you lose it and your computer breaks, you won’t have the ability to access your cryptocurrency.
One more valuable back-up attribute is the e-mail bring back alternative. When you develop an account, you’ll be sent an email with a back-up web link affixed. Clicking this will certainly recover your account. You just require to enter your password and you’ll be reunited with your precious crypto!

What are the security flaws?

The above features make restoring your wallet easy, but they don’t offer any high-level protection against hackers and malware. With a few more extra features, the Exódus wallet could offer much better security. However, with time, these features might surely be added.
Exódus doesn’t offer two-factor authentication. This makes it easier for hackers to use a keylogger to break into a wallet. All that protects the wallet is a single password. Once in, a hacker has access to the cryptocurrencies stored there.
Note: A keylogger is a piece of malware that records the keys pressed on your keyboard. They are used to find email addresses and passwords.
Multi-Signature Addresses
Another feature that the Exódus wallet lacks is multi-signature addresses. The idea behind a multi-signature address is like two-factor authentication. It gives another layer of security to a wallet. With a multi-signature wallet, you choose how many devices must tell the network it’s ok to send money before any is sent. Examples of this are email or text message confirmation.
It’s common to have a multi-signature wallet on a laptop and a cell phone. Both of these devices must confirm a transaction before it is broadcast to the network. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to steal funds because they must access two devices instead of one.
It’s because of these two security flaws that Exódus themselves don’t recommend storing large amounts of cryptocurrency on their software. The Exódus wallet is much more suited for use as a day-to-day wallet. Compare it to your real-life wallet. You don’t walk around town with your life savings in your wallet, do you?

How to Create and Use an Exódus Wallet?

Next, in this Exódus wallet review, I’ll show you how to get your own wallet. It’s really easy to set up and start using Exódus, so I’ve outlined the steps for you below.
1. Download the wallet from the official website.
2. Once you’ve downloaded the software, follow the onscreen prompts to install it.
3. When it’s installed, open your wallet and then click the “wallet” tab at the left-hand side of the screen.
4. Click on the cryptocurrency you want to add to Exódus Next, click “receive”.
You will be shown an address and a QR code. This is your public wallet address and is what you give to someone that wants to send you some crypto. You can also use this to send crypto from another wallet of yours to your Exódus wallet. If you are sending crypto from another device that has a QR code scanner, you can use the QR code to get the address.
Note: Phishing websites are sites that have been designed to look like popular websites. They are made by scammers to steal information such as login data. This is then used to steal funds from the actual service the victim was trying to access.

How to send cryptocurrency using Exódus?

To use your Exódus wallet to send cryptocurrency, follow the steps below. Don’t worry, it’s very easy – you truly don’t even need any user Exódus wallet reviews to help you out!
1. Click “wallet” in the left-hand panel.
2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to send.
3. Click “send” in the center of the window.
4. You will be given the option to scan a QR code using your device’s camera or to enter an address.
5. Scan the QR or enter the receiver’s address in the section labeled “send to address”.
6. Enter the amount you want to send.
7. Click “send”.
8. Using the Exchange
9. Click “exchange” in the panel on the left of the window.
10. On the left, you will select the cryptocurrency you are swapping.
11. On the right, you select the cryptocurrency you want to receive.
12. Click the left-hand option. It will say “Bitcoin” by default. Change it to the currency you want to swap.
13. Repeat this for the right-hand option. This will be the currency that you receive.
14. At the bottom of the page, you will see the current exchange rate between the two assets you selected. It might say something like: “1 BTC = 12.6092 ETH”. This means that, for every Bitcoin you swap, you’ll get just over 12 Ether back into your wallet.
15. When you have checked that you have entered all the details correctly, click the exchange button. You should receive your new crypto asset shortly after.


I love Exódus wallet customer support options and the fact that the wallet lets you use multiple cryptocurrencies. The built-in access to the Shapeshift exchange is also great for those who want to try trading, but don’t want to risk leaving funds on Bittrex, Kraken, or a similar centralized service.
The Exódus wallet is great for people who are new to the cryptocurrency space. It is one of the easiest to use wallets I’ve seen, and it doesn’t confuse its users with complicated extra options. All the wallet’s features are very simple to use with few opportunities to make a mistake – that’s echoed by user Exódus wallet reviews, too.

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